We want to encourage Christians across the UK to ask themselves what difference Jesus makes in their lives and then think - who could I share that story with?

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- I think everyone in life is trying to make it through, and Jesus helps me to make it through.
- My Lord is the one who gives me hope for the future, purpose for living now.
- In life we face a lot of challenges, but being present with Jesus gives me that confidence to keep going.
- As a barrister, Jesus gives me peace in literally every situation.
- Jesus is always there, and he offers me forgiveness and life and life in abundance.
- Jesus has made an incredible difference to me.
He's given back my self-esteem.
- I look back at the key moments of joy in my life, and also the key moments of hard times in my life, and Jesus has been my everything through all of that.
- I can never be lonely because he's with me all the time.
So, it's an ongoing, living, intimate friendship.
There's guidance for every day, there's peace, there's comfort, so it's a very real dynamic friendship.
- I discover a peace no matter what I go through in life but also I discover my purpose, who I am and what I'm here on earth for.
I've got a hope for now, but also for all of eternity.
- He's my friend, he's always there for me.
He's the one that I can be the most vulnerable with and myself with every day.
- And so, actually, I've given my life to sharing that story.