Steve shares a passage from Luke's Gospel that's important to him and unpacks it's significance for how we share the gospel with people today.

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One of the things for me is it's really important for us to remember that people are lost without Jesus
And it's not very politically correct to say it today but it's still the reality
My name is Steve and this is my story
A passage that's really important to me, I suppose, is a passage we find in Luke's Gospel
it's the story of Zacchaeus"
Famous in the Bible, the little guy who gets up the tree and meets Jesus
But there's a verse in there that's really key and it's a verse where Jesus says the words: "the Son of Man comes to seek and to save those who are lost
If we forget the fact that without Jesus people are lost, then we miss something of what the gospel is about
We've not just come to share a nice message with people, we've come to share a life
changing message with people
And that story's an example of what happens when someone discovers who they are and they discover who Jesus is
Cos Zaccheaus' life is changed completely, it changes his life financially
you know the way that he thinks about money
It changes the way that he thinks about other people, it changes the way that he thinks about himself, and it also changes the way that he thinks about God
And so our message today is same message
that the Son of God, the Son of Man
Jesus, comes to bring hope to people
I think that's the challenge for the church how can we keep true to the message of the gospel but also to be the gospel to people
Because you then have the message, which is powerful in and of itself, but also you match it up with the actions
And I think that's what Jesus would have done, if he was on the earth today, because I think that he wants us to be his hands and his feet but he would have matched that along with a message of hope that the Christian faith brings to people
And it's something that is relevant to almost everybody that I meet because people are looking for hope in their lives