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Together Making Jesus Known

Great Commission from the Evangelical Alliance

Watch here to find out more about Great Commission

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God is at work across the UK, and He wants us to join in.

Be inspired by good news stories of lives changed by Jesus throughout the UK, and of individuals and churches who are talking about Jesus.

A new story will be available each week to share and freely download

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Exploring together how we can grow in our heart for God and His people.

Unpacking the biblical call to share our faith, the realities of the UK context and the great opportunities we have – as individuals and church communities – to be talking about Jesus.

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We’ll only grow in our heart for God and His people – and become bolder in sharing Jesus – through spending time in God’s presence.

We’ve brought together stories and reflections to encourage you in prayer – praying for people to come to faith, and for ourselves and our churches to grow in boldness in talking about Jesus.

You’ll also find links to initiatives and networks to help you use prayer in your outreach, or to connect with others who are praying for God’s kingdom to come in the UK

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Connecting you to a wide range of evangelism initiatives, tools and resources.

You can easily search depending on who in your community you’re looking to reach or the type of activity you’d like to run, or find resources for a particular time of year such as Christmas.

Who do you want to reach? | What type of activity? | When in the year?


The Great Commission’s all about inspiring a passion for evangelism in our communities, empowering each one of us, and our churches, to be talking about Jesus – showing God's love in words as well as deeds.
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