How South Asian friendly is our church?  How do we build bridges into our community? What are our barriers to outreach? How can we better disciple South Asian followers of Jesus?

The unique South Asian Concern Church Audit will help you identify where you are in relation to ministry among South Asians and offer suggestions and practical support to take your ministry forward.  The Church Audit normally takes place over a period of three months and is made up of two stages.

Stage 1: What does our church look like to South Asians?

During this stage the SAC team will formulate a picture of the current situation through:

  • meeting with your church leaders to hear about your ministry and vision
  • attending one or two church services and finding out about other church activities
  • looking at your church building including its layout, decoration, resources and equipment
  • researching the population statistics of your geographical area
  • producing an initial report which will be used as a platform for discussion in stage 2

Stage 2: How can our outreach be developed?

This stage explores ways that your outreach to South Asians can be developed by:

  • discussing the findings of the stage 1 report with the church leaders
  • sharing ideas of ways you might help those from other cultures feel more comfortable in church
  • helping to identify the real impact on the church of reaching out to South Asians
  • providing information about suitable resources, books and courses

At the end of the Church Audit, the team will produce a final report which will include further suggestions and offers of support. The Church Audit is a valuable resource and provides a good basis for outreach amongst South Asians. It will help your church be better equipped to reach out into the community.