Aimed at people who are further along in their faith journey

Getting Your Kids Through Church is a flexible, DVD-based course for parents, church leaders, youth and children’s workers – in fact for anyone who is passionate about nurturing and encouraging faith in the next generation.

The sessions are presented by Rob Parsons, OBE and Katharine Hill who are joined by special guests including Mike Pilavachi (Director of Soul Survivor) and Gavin Calver (National Director, Youth for Christ).

The eight sessions explore some of the vital issues that affect every home, church and community:

  • The four stages of faith
  • Over-familiarity
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff
  • Belonging
  • Over-busyness
  • Killers of faith
  • Disappointments
  • Getting them ready for the world

Each session features:

  • Topic talk (DVD)
  • ‘On the road’ presenter discussion (DVD)
  • Small group discussions
  • Time for prayer

The course is based on the book by Rob Parsons, Getting Your Kids Through Church Without Them Ending Up Hating God.