We might be in lockdown, but we still want to inspire you for mission in every season

Phil gives us his reasons why social distancing is a new and exciting opportunity to share Jesus…

The mantra of those who have sought to equip and inspire us and encourage us in evangelism for years has been that, "Mission starts on our doorstep
But now, we're only allowed out of our house for certain reasons, so what does mission look like in lockdown
Well first of all, churches have responded amazingly
Looking out for the vulnerable, helping the isolated, Christians delivering leaflets to their streets offering help
Food banks have been ramping up their efforts, churches have been livestreaming their services like it's going out of fashion
I wish I had shares in Zoom
But this is also a moment for us to think about how we might share our faith with our friends at this time for three really good reasons
First of all, the sands are shifting beneath people's feet
Cultural guru, Mark Sayers, says that in moments of transition people are way more open to the Gospel than other moments
This is a moment for us to be a non
anxious presence and to take the opportunities to share our faith with our friends
Secondly, we will never have more time, for many of us, on our hands to be able to do so
I don't know about you, but I spend so much time with church rotas and traveling to and from work and suddenly there's a vacuum in my diary
What would it look like if we invested that time growing and deepening relationship with our friends, and our friends who don't know Jesus
Thirdly, the technology is amazing
Can you imagine coronavirus in a time just 30 years ago via fax machines and pages, instead of video conferencing and social media"
What would it look like for us to run Christianity explored programs, alpha courses online, and invite those who might never do those courses if they took place in a church building"
Paul writes in Colossians 4, "Devote yourselves to prayer
Be watchful and thankful "and pray for us, too, that God may open a door "for our message
I, like many others, pray that prayer regularly for an opportunity to share my faith with my friends
What if this is that moment
Let's not miss it
Let's make the most of the opportunity
Let's go for it