Written, used and tested by Sandra Kimber, with design by CPO, this course has been devised to help older people find faith – because, as she writes, evangelism among the elderly is imperative.

With a clear leader’s guide, there are 5 half hour sessions with questions to consider at home. Simple, friendly and clear, this is a much-needed resource to help individuals, groups and churches reach out to the elderly.

Faith Re-discovered is just five sessions long and should not last much more than half an hour. That can be followed by discussion if needed. The five sessions are:

Session 1 – What is the Bible?

Session 2 – What is God like?

Session 3 – Why is the world in such a mess?

Session 4 – What is a Christian?

Session 5 – Is death the end?

Format: loose leaf A4 sheets in an A3 folder with flap.