How do you celebrate a birthday? Especially a significant birthday like 150?

Yes, for 150 years Scripture Union has been sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with children and young people across the land, and today Scripture Union has indigenous movements in over 120 countries including Tajikistan, Vietnam, Peru, Vanuatu and Congo.

So how to celebrate?

Firstly, by launching the 95 Campaign, a ‘call’ to the Christians of the British Isles to get out of their church buildings and their comfort zones, and to make the 95% of children and young people who are not in church on Sunday their priority. As CS Lewis put it, ‘The church is the only society that exists for its non-members.’ Or as CT Stubb so famously observed, ‘Some wish to live within the sound of church or chapel bells, I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell’.

That is Scripture Union; people with a longing to make the love of Jesus known to ALL of the children and young people of this nation, convinced of the transforming power of Christ. So to demonstrate our passion to enable anyone, who wants to, to get involved we made an unusual decision…

For many people, birthdays are about receiving presents. But we decided that a big birthday like this should be about giving presents. After all, a 150th (or a sesquicentennial, to give it its technical Latin name) is a significant Jubilee. According to the book of Leviticus, Jubilees are about celebrating, giving thanks to God, and demonstrating our utter dependence on Him for everything, so one way to do this is by sharing the abundance that he has lavished on us.

As such, to mark our 150th birthday, Scripture Union has launched The Good News Fund… And our supporters love it!

They are giving money generously and sacrificially so that we can give away to innovative and pioneering projects that share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the 95% of children and young people who would otherwise never encounter God. Young people who wouldn’t dream of darkening the doors of a church. Young people who won’t come to us, so we have to go to them, wherever they may be. The lost sheep, who have no idea that they are lost.

Projects already receiving grants include:
// The establishing of a Guardians of Ancora club on a deprived Blackpool estate with 48% child poverty. The kids club provides stimulus, opportunity, love, care and Christian outreach using SU’s ground breaking new games app. The grant paid for tablets for the game to be played on
// A Bus based Sports project in the Manchester area reaching out to and building relationships with local teenagers
// The establishment of a large Number of Prayer Spaces in schools initiatives in previously unreached areas
// Street Angels in Halifax reaching out to 16-20 year olds. The grant is funding a great version of Mark’s Gospel. ‘Jesus Loves Clubbers’!

So, apply for your grant now! All we ask is that your project reaches previously unreached young people, that it stimulates Christians to imaginative missional activity and that you tell us how it goes. Others can learn from you and be encouraged by you.

Follow this link to find out more about The Good News Fund