Through one mum telling her kids they're special, she was able to impact all the children on her street

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Receiving that news that my husband was not coming back and being devastated, left with children"
Going on my knees and God, I so clearly remember Him telling me to get up and tell my children they were special"
And so I took both, at that point, my children in my arms and I said, "Michael, has anyone ever told you you're special, son"
And he says, "No, Mum"
And I says, "Well, you're special
And my middle child, Siobhan, I said, "Siobhan, has anyone ever told you you're special
And they liked it
And I began to tell them every day and every night that they were special"
And one day there was a big commotion in my hall
I was peeling potatoes at the sink and I thought, "What on earth is all the noise
And as I went out to the hall all the kids in the street were in my hall"
And Siobhan had brought them all up"
And I said, "Siobhan, what're you doing
She says, "Mum, they're waiting for you "to tell them they're special"
And all the wee kids, in all wee shapes and sizes, were all standing in a line"
And I was saying, "Has anyone ever told you you're special"
And they said, "No"
And I said, "You're special
And they said, "Thank you