Join us in celebrating all God has done in the first year of Great Commission

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I had him to lean on in the hardest time of my life
The sense of peace I had was something I'd never ever experienced in my life at all
I know the true living God now whom I did not know before
I'm a new creation in Jesus Christ"
No matter what I've done in my life, Jesus forgives and he wipes my slate clean
When I go to work I ask, "okay, God, give me an opportunity to share
And there is always opportunities
Each time somebody comes across our path, and we have the opportunity of just speaking God's word into that moment
The worst that happens is I feel a bit silly but that'll wear off and the best that happens is that they come to know Christ
My son was in drug addiction for eight years but through me coming to church, he started to notice things that were changing in my life
He's now came to Jesus his self
To see three baptisms in your back garden has blown us away
We have seen God's faithfulness and we just can't keep that to ourselves
He's given me a life that I never ever would have known about or even thought about stepping into
If I'd known all those years ago, I would have come running towards it