Premier Drive teamed up with Evangelical Alliance directors Gavin Calver and Dr Dave Landrum to tackle some of the biggest questions on evangelism – has the Church lost its way or has it simply just lost touch with how things should be done?

Is it not the height of arrogance to think we are the only ones who've got it right?
What do you think about that, Dave?
Well, I could put it to you.
Is it not the height of arrogance to even to ask that question?
And to assume that there's no such thing as truth.
Which is basically the premise of a question like that, which we can get asked in society.
Life is about contested truth claims and about finding the truth.
It's one of the great features of life, and to say that there's "No one's got it right" and "No one should claim to have the truth" is just an arrogance and a truth claim in and of itself, if that makes sense.
So it's kind of self-defeating, isn't it?
The truth is, the truth, we are in a society that's covered with this myth of secular neutrality.
The idea that the secular world is somehow morally neutral and all those religious people who have these truth ideas can go and meet in gothic refrigerators at a weekend with an average age of deceased, that kind of thing.
Well that's just nonsense.
Truth is contested in public life and as Christians we are called to posit, to proclaim, to offer the truth of Christ and the truths of the Bible to the society that we're in and it's an act of love on that level.
The problem we have in our own society now is we have this non-judgmentalism that kind of effects everything and lots of groups that are self-identified victim groups all over society who are acting against each other.
Well, the truth is: the truth is out there.
And for Christians, the truth is: the truth is Christ.
We've got to posit confidently, clearly, and with grace, this truth.
Jesus was full of truth and grace and, you know, we can't have one to the exclusion of the other.
When we communicate the truth in public life it's got to be done with an attitude of grace, but we've got to do it.
There's no option.
Opting out is not an option from proclaiming truth in public life.
Would you say, perhaps, that where the notion of arrogance could come in is in, just as you've highlighted there, in the way we do it?
So how do we avoid that?
Well, we need to be savvy in the way we communicate.
We need to be gentle and loving and kind-hearted.
We don't need to bash people over their heads with the Bible.
But neither do we need to deny the Bible and run in the opposite direction.
People are searching for truth.
The search for truth is in us.
The Bible says, "God has put eternity in the heart of man but he's not comprehended it."
That's about what, "who am I, where am I going?"
And the worldview of a Christian.
We can engage people on, "what are your values, where do they come from, why do you think that's important, why do you think that's not important?"
Government, in the sense of what we see in Parliament, is about what we spend money on, what we don't spend money on.
This is all about truth claims.
What's of value?
Now if Christians can't engage in conversations like that, then we'd better pack up and go home and go and live on a hill in Wales somewhere, but thankfully we're not.
We're engaging, but we've got to be aware that the great paradigm of our time, the water that we swim in, we swim in it so much we don't even see it anymore, is relativism.
Now we've got to challenge that.
And there are lots of resources out there to help people challenge that.
Anything you want to add, Gavin.
I think all I would say is that in this world, all kinds of people are putting forward all kinds of ideologies as absolute truth and yet we're saying there's no absolute truth anymore.
So I look at what my kids study at primary school and there is an utter bias in the curriculum towards secular humanism.
And yet, when Jesus says, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life," that's utterly exclusive too.
And we've got to be prepared to see that truth will stand up in a world that says it doesn't want to see it.
And, you know, Jesus is the most inclusive figure in human history, till anyone wants to follow Him.
Then it's everything, all in, everything.
And we have got to be strong enough to say, "Actually, it's not arrogance, it's a complete and utter acceptance that the God who created the world, who knitted you together in your mother's womb, who gave His life for you and I doesn't want to be 'an option'. But He wants to be the Way, the Truth and the Life."
You know what?
I'm prepared to go with absolute truth and back the person who successfully predicted His own death and resurrection.
Not seen too many other ideologies that can claim to have that.