Jenny and Amanda saw a need in their community and decided to do something about it.

(soft hopeful music)
[Amanda] Hi, I'm Amanda
Hi, I'm Jenny
I set up Kingdom Fruit with Amanda a couple of years ago
We've been involved in the community for several years now, setting up community projects and things and one of the things that we found, one of the issues, was that people were in food poverty
Our idea was to take the fresh fruit and veg into the community and use that as a way of addressing some of the issues of food poverty
But what we found was that it then gave us that amazing opportunity to talk to people on a regular basis and having a way into their lives so we can actually step out in faith and start to pray for them and see answers to prayer
The key is literally just stepping into the what you think is a small opportunity, a small thing to do, and God will take it from there
We've seen five people get baptised and there's other people on their journey
God's got the big picture and he's just looking for us to step into what we can do and then he does the rest and it's just so exciting, you take that one small step, he comes in and does stuff and it gives you confidence and faith that you're on the right track and that you can do more and the more you do the more you see
For me, being a game changer is just taking that step
I think if you think about it too much or put too much pressure on yourself, you'll think you couldn't do it but actually everybody can do it
And as soon we accept Jesus, we are his game changers and that's what he's called us to be
It's as simple as just getting to know your neighbour, getting to know, see someone in the school playground, you have a fairly good conversation with them
At work in the office, football club, wherever you're at
It doesn't have to be anything mighty, everything starts small and God can take it and make it into something absolutely massive and mighty
I wasn't the person at all who'd be suitable for being a game changer, but God, God is our game changer inside of us, we just step out, he changes the game