Jerome lived a dual life, going to church on Sunday but living for himself the rest of the week, until he unexpectedly encountered Jesus' forgiveness for the first time.

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Me being brought up in a Christian home, all of that stuff was overshadowed because of the people that I was around
My name is Jerome and this is my story
I would go to church and sometimes you'd catch me sleeping in church
Just the fact that I entered the building counted as me going to church, just so that mom would leave me alone and not ask me about going to church
When you're not a Christian and in the midst of believers you're in the world, so you'll always be influenced by things of the world and the people of the world
If they were doing something I would follow
If they were engaging in something, then I would follow
I can remember certain things like fighting, going to shops and just stealing, things like that, playing around with girls, silly things like that
Once sixth form was finished on a Friday evening just going to church just for me and a couple of friends and that's what we did until that day when the speaker that was speaking he's speaking such a convicting message and then that was it
Everything that I had done, all of the things that I had partaken in, all the sin, everything that I had done was now like on my shoulders like a weight and so, when he called us out, for an altar call, I just went to the altar call, just went to the altar, got on my knees, asked for forgiveness and then at that very moment it's like I felt a massive weight was just lifted off my shoulders and that was it, like I was new, a new man, a new person
It wasn't until 2015 summer that's when I got filled with the Holy Spirit and that's when things completely changed so then it's like the fire of God was in me, so that's when I went out there preaching the gospel, doing things like that, I was bolder
There was a guy in my university that I met in university and there was a time I was speaking to him outside of the library 'cause he was in my course, I was just speaking to him about God, then he said something profound to me, he's like, he just said to me you seem to be at peace in heart and all of those things and obviously I didn't comprehend what he said until later when I realised peace is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit and then I realised wow, people were, even those who I don't know could actually see the fruits being beared from me
My desire for God has blown out of the roof, I need Jesus
Lord if you're not there then I don't know what I'm doing, every fibre of my being is after Him