Despite the potential challenges of a second marriage and a new blended family, Michael and Penny have chosen to follow Jesus together

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16 years later, 14 years of marriage, we're still together.
And I believe that is because the Lord has been working in our marriage.
My name is Michael.
My name is Penny.
And this is our story.
Before I became a Christian I believed my life was, was full.
When my daughter was born and my wife she was off travelling all round the world, and but she asked me to take Stephanie to to church so that she could have the blessing and everything.
Don't know what it was, but I took communion that day.
I walked out of the church totally confused, not knowing really what was going on.
And the suggestion was to go on an Alpha course.
I thought I'd give it a go and it was at that point then that I gave my life to the Lord.
I ended up on my own with two children.
I wasn't to be left on my own.
And I met my lovely wife now Penny.
Youngest of eight.
Got married, had my children.
And then all of a sudden on my own with two boys, after a very bitter and nasty split.
Mick came along, we got chatting.
I rang my mom and, "Well, you know, you've gotta try it
You know he's a Christian, what can go wrong."

I wanted to share my faith with Penny.
And Penny was asking questions so I said well the best way I can show you is come with me to Spring Harvest.
The opportunity to go to Spring Harvest came up.
So I thought, "Huh, it's now or never."
So I went to a 'Just Looking' group.
And it was just amazing, absolutely amazing.
You either believe Jesus was a crazy man, you believe he's fictional, or you believe he's real, and if you believe he's real you need to decide whether you want to invite him in your life.
And it came down to that simple, it was like this lightening moment.
And it's like, I can do this.
On that day at Spring Harvest I gave my life to the Lord.
Life threw a curve ball and Penny wasn't very well.
I believe that the devil is throwing things at us.
And this time, I'm stronger.
Through prayer, through the support of my church, and the support of this wonderful lady, Penny, and the devil won't win.
He will not make me turn away from my faith.
He will not make me turn away from Jesus.
Jesus has never walked away from my life.
And he's never stopped showing me his presence.
In everything that's happened in the last year to 18 months as much as I've struggled and I didn't know how to practise my faith, I still knew that Jesus was there and he was walking alongside me.
And when I couldn't hold myself up he was holding me.
I never doubted that.
I just never thought I was good enough for it.