Raksha found Jesus for herself after growing up in a Christian family.

Hello I'm Raksha, I come from a Hindu background.
My Mum came from quite a staunch Hindu background, my Dad has always been seeking God and I was quite young they both made a commitment so I've grown up in a Christian family and it's been such a blessing.
I think the biggest thing for me has been about being able to choose what I believe for myself and I've had such a privileged experience of being able to ask whatever questions I've wanted, in whatever forum that I've wanted.
And something that has always really spoken to me is just how gentle and how loving people have always been in their responses to answer the questions that have been really burning inside of me and that has been the most amazing gift that anyone could ever have really, to find out the truth for themselves.
And I would say that that was one of the reasons why the course is just so unique and really focused on some of the questions that I had about identity and who I was being young, female, Asian and now Christian.
So I found Jesus for myself, though my parents have shown me the way, they've been able to answer my questions.
I've realized that I wanted to have a personal relationship with God and I found that to be really amazing, actually.
So the course in the same way is really informal, not threatening at all.
It's just a space to ask those questions that you have or to find out what other people believe as well.
I feel really blessed to be part of a church that celebrates men and women, believing in Jesus and being equal, and having equal opportunity to worship him in whatever ways that I've been able to.
It's amazing to celebrate all aspects of who I am, being Asian, being female, being young and finally and most importantly being a believer of Jesus.