Sharing faith as a follower of Jesus and an Asian woman, Usha tells stories of helping others come to know Christ

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Usha’s Story is part of our #InspiringWomen series.

People who are not followers of Jesus don't want to be seen as a target.
I think we need to genuinely care and love people regardless of what the outcome is.
My name is Usha.
This is my story.
I was born into a Hindu home and my understanding of God came from my parents, obviously.
I remember going to school, to primary school with my older sister, it's one of my earliest memories and not being able to speak English.
And there was a teacher that invited my older sister to Sunday school.
Every week she would pick us up in her little grey Mini and she would take us to Sunday school.
I heard about Jesus every week at Sunday school and about becoming his follower.
I knew that I had to follow Jesus.
I knew even at the age of 11 that I had a conscience and that I had a sin issue that I had to deal with.
That loving, Christian community, that reached out to us even though they didn't know anything about our religion, our culture, we didn't have Sunday best, but they knew that they could love us with the love of Christ.
As an Asian woman now I can look at faith from my cultural perspective.
I'm very excited about my role as a follower of Christ to be able to share my faith, not as a professional, just as one woman sharing who Jesus is to another woman.
So, I met a group of ladies at the gym.
I started going to the gym at about eight o'clock and every time I got there they were there before me, so eventually I started going to the gym at about five in the morning and they invited me to go running with them and so, I found myself sharing my faith.
I didn't feel like I had to invite them to church but I felt that they needed to engage with who Jesus might be on a day-to-day basis first.
And as time went by these ladies just started asking me more and more about God.
I called it 'Church on the Run'.
And each one of these ladies became very precious to me and have a faith in Jesus and I'd like to think that I was a part of that journey.
I think that sharing Jesus with women as a woman, it's so much easier.
There's a sisterly aspect of womanhood that when we come alongside each other and live life together, it's very enriching.
All of us have the ability to share what Jesus has done for us.
What that person decides to do with Jesus is not up to me.
My role is to love them with the love of Christ, regardless of what I think the results may be.
The older I get, the less concerned I am of making a fool of myself.
And I think one thing that women are guilty of is always trying to measure up to somebody else and I think sharing Jesus shouldn't be that.
There's a humility in the way that we share Jesus as women and I don't think we should be afraid of that.
I think that should actually be an empowering part of our ability to talk about Jesus to others.